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Some of you are looking at a spreadsheet a year old. This is the most recent one. Doctor Forrest has been on it for at least 9 months. There are several more on this one. Sorry I cannot overwrite the original discussion, I don't think but I might see what I can do to keep this one current.

Thanks a lot Emma, I am sure everyone will find this extremely helpful. I just wish there was a doctor less than a 6 to 7 hour drive from me, but hey at least 1 is in Florida.

Hi everyone, I am just replying to put this at top of list

Check the attached file in the main discussion topic.

emma said:

Hi everyone, I am just replying to put this at top of list

Check the attached file in the main discussion topic.

I had both styloids done by Dr Samji. My left styloid 11/25/2013 and right 3/10/2014. I have swelling from my right done 3 weeks ago. I feel both were successful. Dr. Samji incisions were in the crease of my neck, his stitching technique is awesome! He is always patient through out the entire process.

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How do I get ahold of dr samji have groutexk eagles s and am in dire need of surgery to get these demons out of me !XXXX@XXX my name is Lance and need some help thanks Aloha


Buzzeagles63- you’ve posted on the ancient 2014 list! You need to look on the current one, and the contact details are on there: http://forum.livingwitheagle.org/t/latest-doctors-list-2017/2412/5
It’s the Camino ENT Clinic, 408-227-6300, Camino Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic
Impressive styloid process BTW!!

Hi Lance,

I have removed your telephone number and surname for your online security. Please be aware that anyone can view this site on the internet, not just our members.

You can share contact information via private messages with other members. To send a message click on the person’s avatar, and then on the blue message icon. And of course you can also request that members who have seen Dr Samji message you.

Good luck,

Christina from Mod Support

Got ahold of dr samji and Kimberly his nurse said they don’t take my United Health care insurance so I’m toast there and they still wanted to see my ct scan of my demons they call styloids for what I have know idea I’m looking for the best dr who will take these spikes out of my neck there coming through my mouth inside and just bringing me to my knees and passing out all the time can somebody please tell who can help me this is like a torture chamber day in and day out no stop looking into U of W but seems like it’s going to take forever there just by reading the forum my styloids are very long and fat and I would love for someone out there in dr world that has the skills and the balks yo take them both out at the same time I’m ready just healing from a broken neck after five years it took these drs in Hawaii to figure it out thanks to dr William Beringer’s talent and skills to diagnose and fix my neck in a matter of months so my name is buzzzzzzy and I sure could use some assistance god willing Aloha and thanks for listening :)))

Impressive! Keep trying the doctors on the 2017 updated list and hopefully you’ll find someone to help. I’m UK, so not very knowledgeable about the US system I’m afraid, but I know others have had to try quite a few doctors… have you tried Dr Scott Newman in Maui on the list? Or otherwise maybe see if Br Beringer might consider the surgery if he’s used to operating on the neck?