One "Big Bang" that started it all?

Anyone else have one incident that started all of this also?

And no......I do not mean a major accident. I just mean that one day........all hell broke loose.

I was bed bound for 3 months until everything settled into my "norm" now.........just a perpetual "blah" for the past 7 years.

Not bed bound........not nearly as sick as I was when it first started, but still feel like shit.

Anyone else start like this with one big whammo of a hit...........and then it just kind of settled in???


I had about 5 weeks of feeling dizzy which the doctors put down as double ear infections, antibiotics didnt seem to help and eventually the dizzyness subsided and I was just left with the discmofort in my right ear… a feeling of fullness, my swallow doesn’t seem to work properly on that side and I have a click down at my adams apple area when swallowing, I also get pain around my ear when I eat stuff or drink hot drinks or caffeinated drinks… I do wonder if mine started from that initial dizzyness illness. I’m yet to be confirmed as Eagles, I have ENT appointment today, hoping he/she can explain this hard point poking through into my throat behind my tonsil. Pokes through more when I turn my head one way and goes back when i turn my head the other. Worst thing is the sore ear/neck pain i get when eating/drinking,

Yeap... I got the first vertigo experience in the middle of the night...and it was neuro symptom after neuro symptom after that. Nothing I've ever had before! Then the visits to different docs. I had to stop working. The symptoms were very intense- no question that I felt entirely different and that things were not right.

Symptoms really bad for months-- was at 20 hours of having to sleep a day (not any sort of depression-- just completely physically drained from the symptoms!) They began to ease up and then I had bad/worse/notsobad days for months.

Then noticeably better after bought neck traction device and the stretching- August? Not 100% better now- but many days I feel pretty normal! It has been one year since the first vertigo. Docs and I initially thought that first vertigo was a stand-alone event, but I think it's definitely related to what happened in the months that followed.

I did not have a major accident, just what should have been a minor injury. Twice. First was a tumble in the ocean- symptoms began within several weeks. That was 19 years ago. Symptoms settle down for the most part- just a minor annoyance and I was able to live my life.

Seven years ago, I hit my head snow tubing, had an instant migraine, but once I took advil and it went away, I went right back to tubing that same day.

I was also the same- first several months, slept 20 hours per day, nearly bed bound. Then it eased up some to an every day level of not much functioning.

The severity if my symptoms then worsened over time, I was diagnosed with EDS, Chiari, Intracranial Hypertension and s-spine instability.

Now I have this diagnosis!

I 100% relate to your description of One big whammo of a hit.... then it settled in. (To stay and depress the hell out of me!)

Yes!! Mine started with balance problems, light headed/ dizziness and ear pain/ jaw pain. Told it was an inner ear infection given antibiotics. That was 4 1/2 years ago and it is still ongoing minus the ear pain/ jaw pain. (Only get ear pain when really flared or going in mountains, abrupt weather changes) Shortly after the vertigo became worse and I started having migraine symptoms but no head pain. Sensitivity to light (fluorescent is the worst and if it is flickering... I will end up down on hands and knees) sound, motion, blurred and double vision. tingling on cheeks, chin, lips, tongue feels numb or hot on left side off and on, tinnitus, left ear feels constantly plugged, feel like I am going to pass out while turning head (comes on faster when turning to the right then the left) have seen stars and like a snow/ static effect. Rocking on a boat sensation. Ended up spending most of my time holding down the couch, housebound. Still there to some degree. Rarely leave the house. Motion in the car makes symptoms worse. Exhausting to say the least!!


Your symptoms sound so much like my worst- balance problems, feel like rocking on a boat, sensitive to lights, esp fluorescent. (That makes it very hard to function in stores), near passing out.

We can't all be crazy, right??

Hi Kitty9309,

Lol!! I know right?! I can't tell you how many Drs. said it was anxiety. After fighting it for so long I started to go to therapy....... no one could figure out what was wrong..... so maybe? Even though deep down I knew it wasn't just anxiety but I felt like I was going crazy so maybe it would help! My therapist said no this isn't anxiety!!! Ok so now what?! I still go and she has helped me to keep going and not settle for that diagnosis. I still don't have an official one yet. However the Oral Surgeon believes that it might be Eagle Syndrome. Have an appt with Dr. Samji tomorrow.

I used love to go to the mall and stores. I would even shop for friends, and do their errands, clip coupons, drive around to get the best deal!! Now I can't even step foot in the store or the mall and dread even going and avoid it!! This has changed me in so many ways that are just not me!! That was another reason I felt they had to be wrong!! Although I think just a little bit crazy is ok........ just not this kinda crazy! :)

~ I'm a member of this unfortunate party too!

July 3, 1989. BAMMO. Migraine headache from hell with the works. I've never been the same.


Slam dunked in 1994 with onset of head cold. Then subsided considerably. Then over years symptoms have slowly worsened

Mine started with a yawn and a pop in my throat…then I couldn’t swallow or open my mouth all the way…it was awful!