Open up :)

Hello All! I wonder has anyone who has had an Internal Stilodectomy had had any limitations with opening their mouth? I had surgery June 13th & can only open my mouth about an inch.

Selaness 80 altho mine was external, the same muscles are cut into just from different approach, internal vs external. I got swallowing issues still tho much better. sometimes they may have overextended the gag, leaving you over opened, that must take time to heal, talk to your surgeon ask how did they open your mouth, this may explain. is your incision healing? cat

mine was external, no problems


I have that problem every time I have to go to the dentist.

having my mouth propped open for an extended amount of time causes all the muscles in the jaw to spaz and lock up.

when the wisdom teeth came out, I was locked up for about a month. had to pry my teeth apart just to fit a spoon full of pudding in. for about a month after I get my dental check up and cleaning, I have a lock up every time I yawn.(rather annoying)

since it has been about 2 months,, you might talk to a chiropractor , they might be able to work some massage therapy in and your jaw might even be out of place and they can pop it back into alignment...

Trooper Dude, I t think we'd have to be careful re: neck manipulations if mouth popped open can cause issues. I'd originally thought I had CHiari syndrome in neck, turns out it was part Eagles, still being worked up forsome vein issues in that area, the surgery did not relive me entirely but did help some. Will fill everyone in as soon as I get to the vasc dr! What I have may be affecting others as well!

This is not good. Call your dr. tomorrow. I had the oral surgery and my dr. made sure I could open and chew, etc.

I have read countless accounts of people having jaw problems after their surgery. It was my TMJ issues that led me to my Eagle's diagnosis and I had surgery a little less than a year ago, external on my right side. Because of my jaw problems, my surgeon knew intubation was not possible, so I had the surgery done while under conscious sedation. It was done out patient and I was in and out in a few hours.

I think I was fortunate that I had the surgery done this way because my recovery was pretty quick and I only took pain meds for 2 days and then Tylenol for 2 or 3 additional days. My incision is not visible anymore unless you really look for it.

I would encourage everyone who goes in for surgery to discuss this option with their surgeon since it seems that Eagle's and TMJ are connected in so many cases!

Selaness80, I hope you are feeling better!!!