Risks with intraoral approach

Hi to everyone. Happy that this site exists.

I am in Panama city, Central America. About to get the intraoral surgery for the eagle syndrome. My ENT surgeon has done this operation before without any further complications.

My question is, has any one had serious/severe complications after the intraoral approach? I have been reading online and it says risk for deep space neck infection and damage to the internal carotid arthery. Has any one of you experience such poblems after or during surgery?

My doctor says he prevents the deep space neck infection by the profilactic use of antibiotics.

Thanks all for your help.


Welcome!! I am also so happy that this site exists! Who would have thought it did considering how rare Eagles Syndrome is. I see you have discussed an internal surgery with your ENT. I have been living w ES for at least 6 years and just this past June 13th I had an internal Stilodectomy on my left side & had 4 cm removed. Surgery was a huge success and I was so blessed to have minor side affects from my surgery. I only have/had slight tingling in my tongue and numbness in my cheek and where the stitches were below my bottom left teeth. I personally had no problem with any infection. Took an antibotic for a week & used the Oral mouth rinse, all went Great!

Oh thanks for your reply! and its great to hear that everything went well. Are you going to remove the other side as well? He is going to do both sides at the same day.

I read what you wrote before about how stressed you were before the surgery :). Maybe we trend to read too much and worry too much.

I will keep everyone posted on my surgery. Tomorrow morning taking all the blood test just to be sure I am ready for it.

Thank you! I’m definitely so blessed that I found Dr. Miloro in Chicago him and his team were so wonderful! My right side is smaller then my left side was & doesnt really cause me any pain so hopefully I won’t have to have it removed but if I do I’ll know where to go :slight_smile: I was pretty worried b4 my surgery because I had read about how people had so many different side effects. But when I kissed my family goodbye I felt a happy peace and I forgot all about my worries :slight_smile: