Panoramic x-ray done recently at Dentist

Left side & Right side images of x-ray can anyone here have a look I cannot see much now the quality is not the greatest…

thanks very difficult to see this one is the left side above

Hi Aiden,

You’re right it’s hard to see, but if what I think is your styloid process actually is, it looks very pointed. Thick, very pointed, or angled styloid processes can cause problems similar to elongated ones. Do you have any other images you can post?

We aren’t doctors on here so can’t diagnose but can provide our opinions based on the experience we’ve each had w/ ES.

Thanks Isaiah_40_31 I have the full mouth & also the right & left side as well I was hesitant on posting the entire full Scan because I have so many missing teeth LOL Are you able to somehow circle the area where you saw it & post it again on here Please. I have no clue where it is at I also have abnormal Brain Spect Scan in Montreal result a decreased uptake left temporal lobes, parietal lobes & the basal ganglia…I had an ultrasound of my heart Diastolic dysfunction & left ventricle issue I was also tested for a tilt table test at Johns Hopkins Hospital Syncope 80/30 bradycardia. I will try the post now one link here thanks

Full Panoramic view & my numerous teeth that were pulled I need some Dental replacement fixes soon

Can anyone on here Please look at all 3 x-rays parts above & let me know sizes & how thick they are & circle the findings if you can thank you

Hi Aidan,

Please don’t worry about missing teeth. We all have different health challenges in our lives so no judgment is passed regardless of how someone’s CT scan or x-ray looks.
I am sorry though that you’ve had so many teeth pulled. I bet it’s harder to eat w/o them. You do have a lot of health challenges at this time. I hope with the research & testing you’re having done that you’re able to start getting answers about the cause(s).

I’m not very techy so will have to get some help later to highlight what looks like your styloid processes to me. I am not a doctor so can’t promise I’m looking at the right structures. Additionally, measuring styloids from the type of scan you sent would be impossible because the whole styloid isn’t visible. Even experienced radiologists looking at a clear CT scan often mis-measure them - usually erring on the side of shorter than they actually are. Sorry this isn’t much help but perhaps someone else on the forum has an opinion.

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