My panoramic

I have nooooo clue what to look for…ALL I SEE ARE TEETH lol…opinions plz! TIA


Hi Dee1976
with a straight on panoramic, the styloids would be at the far left and right of view. Mine showed up if I turned my head a little to right to get the left into view. I had a resident who needed x-ray credit do some x-

rays straight on. I’ve attached them. can’t find panorex.

These pictures give an idea of how high up at the skull base they are located. If it or they are long enough it might show in straight on panorex.

Are you having it on one side or bilateral?

It’s not the best quality xray, so I can’t say for sure that I can see styloids- that’s not saying they’re not elongated, just it’s not good enough quality to see them. You can usually see them if they’re long, but this pic’s too fuzzy. Sorry!
If you search the discussions for panorex showing styloids it should come up with some so you can see what you’re looking for.
A CT scan is the best for showing the styloids, if you’re able to get referred for one.

Hi Dee1976,

I have annotated your panoramic X-ray & placed red lines along what I think are your styloid processes. They do look long to me. A panoramic x-ray isn’t the best diagnostic tool so hopefully you’ll be able to get a CT scan (from skull base to hyoid bone) to get a better look at what’s going on. If you do get one, make sure some 3D images are included as they will be more helpful for you to see the styloids & s-h ligaments (if they’re calcified at all).

Hi Dee1976

I found panorex picture and circled my styloid to show the general location. This was about 5cm long. Don’t know how long yours is. Yours could be hidden by vertebrae as they are thicker and show up

brighter It’s a light structure in the picture.

Mine was broken in a few places and looks like a finger bone. But very shadowy. I’m still looking at yours to see. from the other responses, you’ve come to the right place.

I had CT scans and panorex and traditional x-rays. My best pictures were with regular straight in x-rays with a patient resident who was really eager to find what he could feel in my mouth with his finger

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