Post op day 4

Hey all! I had my surgery on Tuesday. So far not too bad! They had to remove a lymph node that was in the way. I wasn’t prepared for that but he had to do it. I went home the same day because there were no drains. My pain is minimal but I do have some discomfort. My swelling comes and goes and I do lay down throughout the day with an ice pack. I’ve been eating mostly soft things but can also pretty much eat anything (I’m just being careful). No numbness at all! I’m able to walk my dog and pretty much take care of everything around the house. I have one more week off of work and think I’ll be fine to go back after that. My follow up appt is Wednesday so I’ll post a follow up. Most importantly, the “stick” in my neck is gone! My surgical pain is minor compared what it felt like before! I’m hardly taking anything for pain.


Wow! That is such great news. Who did your surgery?

Dr. Bunnell UF Health JAX FL

Thanks for sharing. Keep up the awesome healing!


That’s great news! So pleased that you’re doing well- just be careful that you’re not overdoing things as that can set healing back. & keep half upright if you can, rather than lying flat, if you’re not already, as that helps with swelling. I hope that you carry on healing as well, God bless :relaxed::+1:

So glad your surgery went well. It looks like your incision is fairly small which is great! Hoping you continue on your current healing path!

Thanks! What other post op advice do you have? I’m definitely not laying flat. I have a wedge pillow to sleep on. Using ice on and off. I wake up in the am and feel amazing but after being upright for a few hrs I start to feel bad and dizzy so I lay back down. I don’t really have much pain at all just uncomfortable. When do most folks feel “normal” again??

It will take a couple of months for you to begin really feeling normal. The symptoms you currently have after being up for awhile are your body’s way of telling you it’s not ready for you to jump back into life “full time”. The best things you can do now are be up & moderately active when you feel ok & stop & rest when you start to feel otherwise. Listening to K obeying what your body asks foe is key & will expedite healing.

It was 2 weeks post op before I felt like doing much of anything & two months before my energy finally returned. We are each different so your healing path may be quicker than mine was. :blush:

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Thanks for the info! It’s always good to hear how everyone did after so we can learn from each other. I tend to push myself so I’m going to back off a bit. It’s so weird how I feel almost 100% when I wake up but that’s probably because I’ve been sleeping all night. Hopefully the next few days will continue to get better. Haven’t some said that day 3-5 things were the worst for them?

Yes, days 3-5or 6 seem to be bad. I did take Vitamin B tablets for nerve healing, not sure if it helped or not! And check it’s okay with any other medications if you did try that. I think otherwise just being careful as Isaiah says is the best thing. Healing’s different for everyone, I think I was okay after the first few weeks, except for lifting things.
Glad that you’re doing so well!

Hi MelinG -

For many people, the day of surgery & the day after are a sort of post-op “honeymoon” period where the effects of the anesthesia & anti-inflammatories used during surgery are still wearing off. By day 3, those wear off & swelling w/ it’s associated increase in pain can kick in. As Jules & you noted that more difficult period usually lasts till days 5-6 post op then gradually subsides over the next week to several months. Full nerve healing can take up to a year or more. Our body’s are amazing in the effort they put out to make us well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So glad that your surgery went well & your recovery is doing well also. Did your surgeon shave the styloid back to the skull base?

He said he did. My follow up is Wednesday so I’ll ask again at that time. I don’t remember a ton of the conversation after the surgery!! Even these past few days are a bit of a blur.

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Great to hear!!

Don’t forget (and if you are interested) you can ask if they will share a photo of the removed styloid when you go for your return visit.
I felt really great the day of surgery and into the next. As everyone says in the posts above - it’s the days after all the meds from surgery start to wear off that I became easily fatigued and a little more uncomfortable.
Rest and take full advantage of your time off.

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How wonderful! Take it slow…I cannot believe you were released to go back home the same day??? It took me a week in the hospital because both sides were done through my mouth. It took me at least 4 months to recover because I am also a Diabetic.

You will be feeling so much better now that you have had the surgery. Life will change for the better. I delight in your well being. My life changed after the surgery.


Thank you so much for sharing. I am in the Tampa Bay Area and have been researching Dr. Bunnell. I was just diagnosed so I am at the very beginning. I hope you have a speedy recovery and thank you again.


I had my follow up with Dr. Bunnell today. I am very pleased with him and my results. He did not remove the styloid down to the skull but left a small nub behind. He says if you take it to the skull you risk nerve damage since the facial nerve runs right there and there is an increase risk for bleeding. I’m happy to post my follow up scan and pic of bone removed. He took off about 3.5 cm and my original pain I. The neck and jaw are completely gone. My left side is also long and he says 50/50 chance it will one day become symptomatic. I cannot recommend him enough. I was dismissed by many docs along the way and he was and is very sympathetic to patients with ES


Really good news that you’re seeing improvements already! And glad that you found a good doctor! Everyone’s anatomy is different; most doctors proceed with caution & monitor nerves so only remove as much as is safe to do. Good that your other side is asymptomatic, I don’t want to put a downer on things but sometimes the second side can get worse after the first side’s removed.
Keep taking care of yourself & keep healing :grinning:

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Wow do you know what the length is of the left one? It looks super long. I’m surprised that isn’t causing issues for you. Thanks for the update, glad to hear when things are going well!