Post op day 8 (pics)

I am 8 days post op, I am doing fantastic, eating everything I normally would, actually I’ve been indulging in some fast foods lol. Right now I am eating KFC…fried chicken, fries and gravy.

I really owe alot of thanks for my great recovery to the absolutely amazing Dr. Boyd Lee in Newfoundland Canada . He went through the lower part of the roof of my mouth for easier access and so he could get it all, he did both sides the same time. I had very minimal pain and swelling. I already feel so many positive differences in my symptoms. I felt so good that I went back to work 6 days after surgery and I feel fantastic.

The first pic is the day of surgery and the second pic is right now day 8.

Before my surgery I was scared to death. I had nothing to fear, and I have no regrets. I hope this gives you comfort and helps ease that fear some may have…I hope my posts help.
Sending well wishes to all xoxFB_IMG_1573270957686


I’m so glad to hear a success story and that you’re feeling so well! Yay! Any tips you think that helped you before during or after surgery ?

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Great news, I was worried as it seemed alot to do in one go but so pleased that you’re recovering well! And good to have another doctor for Canadians!

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it wasn’t bad at all, I had my tonsils out when I was 15 years old …I’m 43 now…the tonsillectomy was much worse, it helped that Dr. Lee is an absolutely amazing surgeon who is well informed and expierenced with eagle syndrome. The very first visit I had with him, he didn’t waste anytime, he booked surgery while i was in the office and he booked it with just a panoramic…I met the man twice …once at consult and right before surgery lol…other tests came between that day and surgery day :slight_smile:


I 100% credit my recovery to an amazing doctor !