Post op questions

I am a little over 2 weeks post op and I’m starting to have ringing in my ear, eye twitches, out of it sometimes mentally and headaches. It is starting to scare me. I realize I need to heal but is this normal post op?

I think those could be pretty normal because nerves are upset and acting up. I’m pretty sure I had headaches and was kind of out of it after one of my surgeries. It all fades after a while, so it’s hard to remember. But it may not hurt to call the doctor’s office to ask about it just in case.

It took me 2 months to heal (i.e. feel pretty normal) after my first ES surgery. I had a breathing issue that came & went. I don’t have asthma & have never experienced anything quite like it but I would get winded & light-headed/faint intermittently when I walked or jogged. I did have ringing in my ears as well. My throat would feel like it was swelling closed off & on, too, which I thought would go away after the first couple of weeks. Don’t remember eye twitches, but like Heidemt, recovery symptoms fade from memory over time. The breathing issue did not happen after my second surgery.

I also agree w/ Heidemt that the nerves are slow to heal (up to a year post op), & you can get all sorts of odd symptoms as they recover. I also agree that it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about things that seem extreme or scary to you for reassurance.

Spoke to Dr office and it seems I have been doing too much especially driving long periods on interstates , in heavy traffic. Turning my head to see traffic when changing lanes.

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Glad you got an answer. As I said, it will take a couple of months for things to really return to normal (maybe less if you are younger…I was in my late 50s when I had my surgeries). It’s far too easy to start pushing yourself when you begin feeling better. I set my healing back by doing that. I’m not a “sitting around” person so having to take it easier for that long was torturous!!

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