POST OP TIPS? Please and thank you!

I am having surgery at the end of Nov. I saw Dr Samji last week and he was so nice and down to earth. He went over my CT scan, the surgery, and risks. If anyone has post-op tips or suggestions to make recovery easier, I would greatly appreciate any input.
Thank you!

Congrats on getting a surgery date with Dr. Samji. He sounds great.

I learned from experience that it is important to rest after surgery. I did this after my first surgery and I felt great almost right away. It was so easy that after the second surgery I didn't take recovery seriously and I walked all over Philadelphia, doing the tourist thing. That recovery ended up being very long, painful and discouraging. So, no matter how good you might feel immediately after surgery, please rest and take it easy.

Also, I now know from experience that you shouldn't give up hope if you're still hurting weeks after surgery. It took me a long time to recover from the second surgery and I was worried that it hadn't worked, but now 7 months later I only have rare small twinges of pain that I hardly even notice. Both sides were a great success.

Popsicles helped me both pre- and post-op.

Good luck- you're on your way to relief!

Eagleheart is givng great advice. Dr. Samji has done a great job for other members. I hope you feel better soon.

Glad to hear you are doing well, Eagleheart.

Dr cognetti let me take ibuprofen 2 days post op so ask your dr when it will be safe for you to take this if you are able. It helps immensely with swelling. And ice packs! They are a godsend post op! And I do agree with eagleheart… Popsicles, too! :slight_smile:

I also did the tourist thing in Philly. Not smart. Rest and take it easy! I felt so much better the first day after the first surgery I was so excited I wanted to go go go. Don’t. You will just prolong the healing. Rest and know that you will feel much better faster if you take it easy!

Hi Amy,

Congrats on your upcoming surgery date! You are in good hands! :) ( He did my surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago)

Rest...... a little activity is ok. (overdo it and it causes more swelling/according to Samji)

Ice (I found a bag of peas worked best/ easier to mold around neck)

soft foods (easy to chew and swallow)

popsicles (absolutely agree....Cold felt better than hot)

I drank plenty of water

Pain meds...... Don't wait until unbearable.... they take 30 to 60 mins to kick in. Of course not too close together.... follow directions! And not on empty stomach! Nurse at Surgery Center gave me this advice :)

Happy to answer any questions you may have :)

Take care,


Thank you for the replies! I am counting down the days to get this surgery done. I was told by nurse I needed to stop taking any Advil cold and sinus 2 weeks prior. Also, this includes the ibuprofen and muscle relaxant cream to pain area. So I am on edge cause of flare up. I have called his office and waiting for call back. To see if my neurontin can be increased. But I can’t wait to start taking ibuprofen postop. But right now, I am so upset with those close to me. I am tired feeling like a bad person for asking for help. I know all of us here have dealt with this. But it’s everyday at my house, It really stinks cause I am stuck here. I hate being in pain and having to depend on others.

Amy you have plenty of good advice here. Just need lots of rest. Drink lots of fluids and keep up on pain medication. Bag of frozen peas is a good idea. I have gel packs from Walgreens. The pain has not been over a 2 for me thus far. I am 2days out of surgery. I primarily need sleep.

Hi Amy,

Could you please let me know the ES surgery risk that Dr. Samji mentioned?

He went over the risks back in 09/2013. It’s been some time since he went over with me. He was one of the few surgeons that gave me honest outcomes/risks when I saw him in October. I did not feel pressured into having the surgery. Nor did he promise me I would feel 100% better. For me, had no complications after surgery. I did feel worn down and had more surgical type of pain and less ES symptoms. The first week was the hardest but each week would be less pain. I had the surgery on 11/25/13, I have had maybe 4 episodes pre-surgical Eagle Syndrome pain and symptoms and usually caused from pushing myself too much. I still have some swelling but it is going down.