Hoping for call backs from Dr

So I have contacted 4 drs. Dr. Cognetti (March 2016)
Dr. Samji, Dr. Alemar, and Dr. Forrest

I hope that I will hear back from one of them, I did schedule an Appt with Dr. Alemar since i will be on vacation near him anyway I made an appointment with him. Im scared and happy at the same time if that makes sense. Has anyone else seen him? if so, what was your experience.

Im tired of all this pain and inflammation. I literally had a break down last night from all of the pain and stress this has caused. I was first diagnosed in 2007, this is too long to go on like this. At this point, I don’t care if a Dr thinks im crazy, Ill move on and go to the next. Im done waiting around for them. Im fed up, my family is fed up. Im going to take my life back one way or another :slight_smile:

Kcannady - I think that’s exactly what you have to do. I agree that at some point it just doesn’t make sense anymore to sit around and wait while you’re in crazy pain. That’s a long time to wait. If they aren’t going to help you, then find someone who will. Best of luck to you!!!

When is the appointment with Dr. Alemar? I haven’t read anything about him recently on the forum but I remember people in prior years saying good things about him.

My appointment is July 13. I hope to get something out of the appointment.
Dr. Cognetti’s office finally called back today bit I missed the call so the message said they’ll call back in the morning. He is by far my first choice but if they won’t return calls or agree to see me then I’m going else where. I’m keeping my appointment with Dr.Alemar for now. Thanks for all of your support, I don’t know what I’d do if it weren’t for this site and all of you wonderful, caring people!

Hope that you get somewhere soon, don’t give up!

KCannady: I am interested to have Dr. Cognetti review my scans. Is there a certain person I need to contact to inform them I am sending my CT scans and ask her to contact me back? Did I read correctly that you send your scans to Dr. Cognetti’s office in March and they just called you back yesterday? I thought I read somewhere on this site that initially Dr. Cognetti may do a phone conference so that you do not have to travel for your initial appointment.

Anyone else have suggestions for getting Cognetti to review my CT scans? Thank you.

I just heard from Dr. Cognetti’s nurse today, she told me that Dr. C reviewed my scans but would like a meeting. I asked if we could do a teleconference or something similar, so with that she is going to ask around to see if they can do it. She knows they have done so in the past but isn’t sure if they still can do it. I am waiting impatiently waiting for that call back.

I just got their address from the internet and had all of my scans sent over. He doesn’t want the reports of the scans, just the scans itself. I waited a week after sending them my files, called them to see if they have gotten everything they need and left all of my information with the nurse. Im not sure if there was a right or wrong way to do this but thats how i did it.

His nurse also told me that he views pt charts/scans once a week and there is a long list and that is why it has taken a few months to get back to me. I have been waiting since March. I understand he is a very busy man. BUt its definitely hard to wait when in so much pain. Just don’t give up and call once a month, that what I did. I hope you will get some answers soon too. I know how hard it is to wait. Good luck!

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