Random hiccups?

Ive always had these unexplained hiccups identical to the hiccups youd see from someone whose drunk. I also have pleanty of other symptoms but thats besides the point lol.

I recently learned the reason drunk people hiccup is due to effected nerves in their stomachs. One if those nerves is the vagus nerve so Im thinking similar effects could be caused higher up for different reasons.

Out of curiosity does anyone else have unexplained hiccups at random?


Since ES very often irritates the vagus nerve, & a variety of symptoms are caused by an irritated vagus nerve, it makes sense that your random hiccup problem could be coming from the vagus. The vagus is one of the nerves that innervates the diaphragm which is the source of hiccups.

I don’t recall that we’ve had any members w/ hiccups as an ES symptoms but we learn new things every day on here!

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Interesting to hear! Thats what I was thinking as well, it could ofc be a symptom of something else but I feel like if my vagus nerve was being effected then itd make sense it could be being caused by that :slight_smile: maybe made more likely perhaps?

I’d say at the very least, the vagus nerve is a major contributor. The proof will be known if you have your styloid(s) removed & the hiccups stop. :blush: