RB's Surgery Recovery Journal

Day 1.

Right sided external styloidectomy. I am home, groggy and sore. My right ear, neck and jaw line are a bit numb to the toutch. My smile is not crooked as of now, I hope it stays that way. The crunchy grinding sound gone from the right side too. My neck swollen and is brusing, but i bruise easily. The doctor drew a line in a crease from behind my ear under my chin then down to just above my thyroid. I dont know that the actual cut was that big, he said it would not be. The tap over the cut is pretty long though, well see. I do not have a drain in either. I will post a picture as soon as i am able .

They gave me Dilaudid and then oxycodon after the surgery ,I did fine, no stomach pain and they gave me tramacet to take at home, so far so good other than a little itchy, which is normal. Taking benadryl for that. That will be what I request from now on after any surgery. I felt in my mouth and the bone that was poking the back of my toungue is gone! :) I am icing and taking ibuprophen too. I set my phone allarm to go off 15 min before my next dose is due so I stay on top of the pain. They gave me Cephalexin antibiotics too.

Well, I am going for now to rest,

Thank you all for your prayers and support your kind word and knowing what to expect because of what you shared has helped to easy my fear so much. Please pray for my Daughter too, she fractured 2 ribs falling out of bed during a seizure the other night. She is laying next to me in bed and we are both resting together. What a pair.

Sorry for any typo's my brain is still fuzzy a bit.


Day 2

I feel very weak and I am sleeping lots. I set alarms to take meds through the night. I rotated Ice packs often and I feel very bruised and it is hurts to swallow, but not impossible. My voice is hoarse. I am mildly swollen from under my chin up to my ear and down to the clavicle. There is a general dull ache to the whole area but the discomfort intensifies when I move or swallow. The feeling is returning to my ear and neck area, it felt very numb after surgery until late this morning. All in all, things are going better than I expected. I am eating soup, yogurt, soft pasta, sorbet, icies and lots of water. I started taking Vitamin C today.

Day 3

Swallowing is getting much easier, although chewing is tiring. Still swollen, stiff and achy. My voice is still hoarse. I am sleeping lots. Keeping my pain under control with pain meds. As more of the feeling comes back, the pain is a little worse today along the cut. Rotating ice packs often feels good.

Hi RB, I'm new here. I'm so hoping that you are feeling well, now almost a month post-surgery. Are you? And may I ask how long you had the ES symptoms before the surgery?

I was diagnosed with ES 2 weeks ago after 24 years of dreadful pain. It has been thought to be fibromyalgia .. which perhaps I do in fact have as well? Who knows at this point! But my fear, if I elected surgery, is the recuperation.

Thanks for sharing, and I hope your daughter is doing well also.