I am home now, update on RB's Surgery

I am home, groggy and sore. My ear, neck and jaw line are a bit numb to the toutch. My smile is not crooked as of now, I hope it stays that way. The crunchy grinding sound gone from the right side too. My neck is brusing, but i bruise easily. I will take a picture tomorrow and post it.

They gave me Dilaudid and I did fine and tramacet to take at home, so far so good other than a little itchy which is normal. Taking benadryl for that. That will be what I request from now on after any surgery. I felt in my mouth and the bone that was poking the back of my toungue is gone! :) I am icing and taking ibuprophen too.

Well, I am going for now to rest,

thank you all for your prayers. Please pray for my Daughter too, she fractured 2 ribs falling out of bed during a seizure the other night. She is laying next to me in bed and we are both resting together. What a pair.


Good to here. Awww you two are a pair. Both rest and I am saying prays

May you get your needed rest! Gods blessings for your healing process as well as your Daughter! Looking forward to your feeling better as the days go by.


Hi RB,

Wow! Ok, sounds like the Lord wanted you and your daughter to pair up together as you both need to go through so much healing! I will be praying that your smile remains as it was before your surgery that you and your daughter will be able to get plenty of rest, and that each day will get easier and that you will both be restored as each day passes.

Eagle baby


I am so glad to hear the surgery went well. Your poor daughter. I hope both of you recover quickly and are pain free very very soon.


May you have a swift and uneventful recovery from your surgery. So happy for you that the surgery went smooth and you are home to start your healing process. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers,


That's great news RB,

You'll be up and about in no time and eating some sweet Chilliwack Peaches 'N Cream corn on the cob! Sorry to hear about your daughter, may she (and you) heal quickly and painlessly.

All the best for a speedy recovery,

Red Pill

Welcome back! It's neat to hear how things change and what you can tell is already different. boo, I am sorry for your daughter, but I like that you are recovering together and can keep each other company!

Dear R.B

I am so sorry for your daughter. I hope that you both will recover very soon.

thougths and prayers

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So glad your surgery was a success and you went home with some good medicine :slight_smile: !!! :sunny: I’m a recovering addict and all I got was Norco!!!

Sorry to hear about your daughter but wow, you have company :slight_smile: How old is your daughter? And if you two are close and have a good relationship this time together should benefit you both physically and emotionally!

I’m one week post op today and my crunchy sounds are still gone!!! It’s amazing isn’t it?!

Hang in there RB, it gets easier! With the more time that passes, the more range of motion you will get in your neck. It WILL get easier to swallow and talk. And brush your teeth. And, well, FUNCTION!!!

Lots of love and prayers and energy are headed your way :sunny:

:slight_smile: Amy B :slight_smile: