Recently Diagnosed- Looking for More Info

Hi, I am 41 years old, and for as long as I can remember, I have had recurring problems with (1) sore throats (once every 2-3 months); (2) painful swallowing; and (3) daily mucous (I blow my nose 10x a day on average). I have seen countless doctors, mostly to solve my mucous problem. Each doctor has theorized that the problem is caused by something different including: (a) allergies- I've been tested several times and each time the results have been negative; (b) acid reflux- I took pills for months but nothing changed; (c) countless spray medicines- nothing changed; and (d) countless antibiotics- nothing changed. The only thing that has ever produced any kind of positive results is Sinus Rinse, which I do twice a day. Each time I use it, globs of mucous come out (also same thing happens when I shower- also 2x a day). Still, my problems mentioned in 1-3 persist. In February 2013, one doctor told me he was convinced my problems were due to enlarged adenoids, which he recommended he remove. I had the surgery and my symptoms improved slightly (instead of blowing my nose 10x a day, I now blow my nose 6-7 times a day). Another doctor later prescribed a more powerful acid reflux pill than OTC pills and I recently started taking it. It has also helped me slightly (I now blow my nose about 5x a day). But my main problems still persist. I noticed that in the past year, my sore throats were mostly coming from the left side of my throat. A doctor asked me to get a cat scan, and told me he believes I have Eagle Syndrome. He said he believed the best way to treat this is to take advil when I feel the pain. But I have taken advil many times before and countless other meds over the years without any success. After researching ES on this website and a few others, it seems to me that most patients that suffer from ES have much more severe symptoms than I do (many patients talk about sharp pains which I don't really have). I'm wondering if there are different types of treatments depending on the severity of the symptoms. Has anyone had success short of surgery in getting rid of their symptoms? Thank you.