Return on the bird round 5

So here it is… I got my CT at Duke University hospital… Dr. Ellison (great Dr.) Indicates there is bone growth but so deep in my neck he honestly doesn’t feel comfortable performing surgery. He did suggest nuero surgeon to look at lordosis but otherwise try PT. I tried Zoloft because my symptoms put me into a horrid depression and odd enough… it worsened my jaw and neck. I had the worst muscle spasms and nerve pain in my face and tongue… headaches where my heads feeling on fire… so after two months of PT, getting needling done… I decided to send the disc to Dr. Milligan in Arizona. Looks like there’s bone growth in my lower neck and the styloids look fine still… it’s just nice knowing I’m not mentally losing it and that this 4th surgery could possibly help me significantly!

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So sorry that you’re facing another surgery…but best wishes to you! Will be praying for you, & let us know when you have a date. Hugs to you!

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WOW, ang! I’m so sorry you’ve got another bone in your neck causing trouble for you & another surgery to face. I’m glad Dr. Milligan is willing to tackle it. He’s an excellent & very experienced surgeon. He’ll do well for you.

I absolutely love him!