Seat belts after neck surgery?

Just realized that this has become a problem for me recently. When driving I would notice that i would get this shortness of breath as well as this feeling as if I am going to faint and irregular heart beats.

The seat belt was rubbing on my neck the whole time and it wasn't even that hard. I experimented with moving the seat belt lower so it wouldn't touch the neck and I didn't get the symptoms... Just wondering if anyone has come across this post surgery? ( its been over a year for me)

There is a point on the neck which if pressed/ rubbed can affect the vagus nerve, which could affect your heart rate- maybe the seatbelt is pressing on that? It could be completely unrelated to surgery, or maybe there's a bit of scar tissue in the area which presses onto the vagus nerve when the seatbelt rests on it? (My husband had a conductive problem with his heart which caused bad palpitations, and he had to massage the vagus nerve to try to slow it, but it is quite a dodgy thing to do!) Hope that everything else has improved with surgery?