Shockwave therapy

Has anyone tried shock wave therapy to break up calcification? I suppose it would only be a good idea if there was partial calcification? Might be preventative perhaps?

Or how about prolotherapy?

Thanks, Stef

Hi seiders50!

I haven’t read of anyone trying shockwave therapy to break up calcification except to break up kidney & bladder stones which then are eliminated from the body by the digestive system. My concern about getting that sort of therapy in the neck would be that after breaking up calcification in the styloid/stylohyoid area, the little bits of calcium would be free ranging in an area filled w/ nerves & vascular tissues & could create other problems as there would be no natural way for the calcium bits to leave the body.

Prolotherapy is used for torn or damaged tendons, ligaments & cartilage. In ES the stylohyoid ligament is not damaged as such but often has acquired a calcified sleeve. In my mind, it wouldn’t be the right course of action but as I like to say…“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

You could always see the appropriate doctors & inquire about either of these. I don’t recall reading any post where someone mentioned having tried either of these therapies.

I think there was one member a while back who did try prolotherapy, but I don’t know if it helped or not. I agree with Isaiah about the shock wave therapy- I think you could end up with even more inflammation if there were tiny pieces left, and potentially be worse off.