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Well it’s 3 days post surgery. Day 3 was the worst I’m pleasantly surprised that I am only taking tramadol which is pretty mild for pain plus anti inflammatory and steroids. They showed me what they removed and it was scary. I’m really hopeful for the future. I will continue updates. Dr Aleman rocks. I’ll post soon.Thank you for all the middle of the night support

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Thank you for the update, Jodi! Yes, days 3-5 are when the swelling & pain are the worst (at least in external surgery cases). Glad you have steroids & pain meds. Consider icing your neck (15 min on & 45 off) if you’re not & make sure your head is pretty elevated when you sleep. Those things will help a lot, too.

Hoping you notice positive changes soon.


Glad that things haven’t been as bad as you thought they might be, & I hope things carry on improving for you. Make sure you don’t overdo things if you’re feeling good, lots of us have done that & you can set healing back! Patience is needed! God bless…