Post-op follow up yesterday

I seen my surgeon for my post op yesterday. He said I’m healing nicely. He explained to me and even drew out a picture that not only was my styloid elongated but the ligament was calcified all the way down to the hyoid basically making it all one long “bone”. I was able to get more pain pills, as by the time of my appointment I had 2 left, thank goodness. He also ok’d me to start back on my naproxen, which I took up until a week before surgery for my aches ad pains due to repetitive movements I do at work, and also my migraines. So that should also help take the edge of the pain and maybe spread out the Norco so I’m not taking as much and help to cut back on the nausea. He also gave me some promethazine for the nausea which he said will make me drowsy, and I said that’s fine maybe it can also help me sleep and get rested. He recommended I start using NeilMed sinus rinse for my sinuses, to help keep them cleaned out. I had originally planned on having 2 weeks off, being back to work for 2 days, have a weekend, work 2 days, then we have almost a 2 week shutdown. I asked him about that and he asked me to describe my job, he then said just take it easy and return to work at the end of your shutdown. So I will be returning to work, using FMLA, on January 4th, that’s about a 5 week total time frame of being off. He also said he was trained in both methods, intraoral and external, but he preferred the intraoral method. He seems to be a great dr and surgeon. He’s really nice, and takes his time to answer all your questions as I had a list for him when I went and my mother had some, too. He thought it was great that I found this support group and was able to get support and share my experience with others with similar issues. If anyone from around this area is struggling to find a surgeon I’d be glad to share his info.

Also I found that Go-gurts are easy and quick to eat if it’s hard to open your mouth for a spoon or something is needed to take with medication and you’re not super hungry!!

Thanks for the update...hoping every day is better!!!

Thanks for your update. Have been thinking of you! xo