Some Questions

Hello to all of you from Greece.

My name is George, and I m 31 years old. I have to admit that your site is very important and useful.

I ll get to the point quickly.

I have this disease since I was 27, after a tonsillectomy. I had the symptoms, but all doctors said to me that all are in my mind. Fortunatelly, I finally found that nothing is in my imaginary, and in fact, I have Eagle's Syndrome. I want to do the surgery, so I want your help.

My questions are three:

1) The recovery is painful? I want to have the surgery only from the left side, because there locates my problem.

2) What happens if there is a lot of bleeding? There is a chance of internal bleeding? I m saying that because I have a little problem with the congealment of my blood.

3) Are there any problems after the surgery and the recovery? I mean that all parts of our body are useful, and they have a function to do. A guy said to me that he knew a man who had the surgery, but after some months, he was suffering from vertigo and that now he is almost handicapped.

Thank you very much for your time! Any answer is welcome!

Greetings back...the person who will anwer you back is our beloved Jules....who I di not see here for few days...hope she is well......dont will be fine....this days they can manage even the blood congulate not well...well I whing so....take care.....teher are members who will be able to answer you on this topic.....hugs xx

Hi George, welcome to the site. It really is a good source of information. You can get a lot of information from the ES information tab at the top of the page and also from taking the time to go through the past posts. It can be tedious, but there's so much information in there about different people's experiences and lessons.

I can give you short answers to your questions, but again, the best thing to do is try to take in as much information as you can from the site.

The recovery is kind of painful for a little while after the surgery, but most people on the forum say that it wasn't nearly as bad as they thought it would be. Having Eagles is MUCH more painful than the surgery and recovery. I've had 5 Eagles surgeries and was back at work within 2 weeks for 4 of them. The recovery from the internal surgeries are usually considered a little more painful. But really, to me, the surgery and recovery was the least troublesome part of the whole ordeal.

I think if you're worried about bleeding, make sure you are going to an experienced surgeon and tell them about your situation. Surgeons are trained to deal with those kinds of situations. I've never heard of anyone having bleeding problems from these surgeries in particular as opposed to any other kind.

There is no problem with function after the styloid surgeries. This question gets asked a lot. Apparently there are other structures that can take care of the same functions. The only problems that I'm really aware of are when the doctor doesn't take enough of the styloid out and the person still experiences pain. It's not unusual for some people to have to have subsequent surgeries to remove more of the styloid.

Your best bet is to go to an experienced surgeon and it's especially good if you can find a surgeon who has experience doing Eagles surgeries.

The styloid processes and ligaments seem to be something which the body can do without- I've not noticed any difference at all in chewing and swallowing since my op. It wasn't anything like as painful as I'd imagined- I didn't need the prescribed painkillers after the first few days- it was uncomfortable to open my mouth for a few days, and my neck was stiff to turn my head for a couple of weeks. As long as you don't overdo it, then you should feel fine after 2-3 weeks. I think with any surgery you can find someone who's had a bad experience- of course it's not without it's risks , but then if you're in a lot of pain and having to take lots of painkillers, or have vascular ES, then surgery is the best option. I had horrible balance problems for a while- went straight away after surgery! It was worth it just to get rid of that symptom alone! As heidemt says, find the most experienced doctor you can, and make sure that they're aware of your blood clotting problems.

Sorry Zdravka- I've been away- I'm fine!

Thank you very very much for your useful informations! You are all very kind!

I wanted to ask you Jules... When did you do your op?

I had the left side done back in May- I'll be seeing the doctor again in December about the right side, but I think there'll be a long wait this time. Glad we can help with info- if it hadn't been for the info I've had on here, I don't think I'd have made the decision to have surgery!

All your informations are very useful. It s very important to feel that you have supporters, even though you never meet them. If I ll have the surgery, I m gonna tell my story! Thanks a lot!

Hello @Greece_1984 (George),

if you visited the doctor in Greece, could you, please, share their contacts?