St Louis area doctor

Anyone have any information on dr Conoyer from st. Peters Missouri?

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Hope someone can give you some info, Tbru; the list has been ongoing for a few years now, so it could be that whoever had surgery with him hasn’t been on the site for a while.

Yes, i figured that. We have a appointment with him in three weeks and want to move forward so badly. We are tired of dead ends. We live 2.5 hours from st louis and 1.75 hours from iowa city. We called ic as well but could not get in there for month and a half. Hopefully we can get some things done to relieve the pain. We were able to see styloid process on a dental scan and they were measured 4.7 cm. They will send us those images but i dont think we will see it as good as we did while it was on there software. Our primary dr will not order a ct scan for us. I would love to walk in and hand this dr some official scan pics and not have to wait more for him to order. We are anxiously waiting to see someone who will listen.

Hi Tbru,

Here’s the link to our US ES Doctors’ List. There are several doctors on there in your state. Have you tried contacting any of them? You may be able to get an appt w/ an ENT who’s more local to you & get that CT scan ordered sooner than 3 weeks. Another option is to ask to be put on a cancellation list for Dr. Conoyer. Some members have gotten quicker appts when someone cancels.

How did the appointment go? I am planning to see him too

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Did you see Dr. Conoyer? Any updates?

How did your appt go? Any updates?