Styloid has grown


Yesterday I went to my dentist here in Montana and asked him to do a digital panoramic X-ray. I just wanted to see the thing (aka fang bone). It cost $120 and my insurance will probably pay.

During the past 3 years, it looks like the left styloid has grown up to 5mm, now 42mm. That is if it was measured properly. The right side shows a little knub where it was removed at the base of the skull.

The dentist asked about my symptoms with Eagles and said there was a women in the office earlier with all the classic symptoms of Eagles. She has had vertigo, dizziness, ear pain and been to several doctors. Yes, being to several doctors who look at you like you’re crazy should be listed as a sign of Eagles. Anyways I told my dentist to give her my phone number.

Now since I’m getting more discomfort around my ear and neck, I am making an appt with Dr Samji and going back to CA for a visit.

Thanks everyone for being here.


Hi Polly,

Happy you were able to get the x-ray done! (I was curious to know what it would look like after it is removed)

I am sorry to hear you are having more discomfort :(

However I know Dr. Samji (your mine too) will fix you right up :)

That is so nice of your to offer help to the other patient. I know you have helped me tremendously!! There needs to be more like you in this world :)

Take care,


"Yes, being to several doctors who look at you like you're crazy should be listed as a sign of Eagles"


Hahaha - this is so funny, but so true.

I'm glad you're going to get the other side fixed Polly. May you have a pain-free future.