Styloid Process Size Dr. P Summary


Thanks for sharing. I really like the language used in the report. Factual. Accurate. Certain. No wishy washy.

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The image is from a CT Scan with Contrast. The summary is from the angiogram venogram and balloon occlusion that Dr. P performed on me 5/25.


Btw is it only me thinking your styloid processes were/are fractured?..

Fractured? Is that where there looks like a space from where the styloid ligament should attach to the styloid process than to the hyoid bone. More pronounced on one side than other? What should fracture mean to me as the patient?

Yep, the place where it looks like a “joint”. I even don’t know what exactly it might be, just speculations…

Long time ago, back in 2013’s x-ray (panoramic), I had similar gap in one of the styloids. Both styloids were longer than normal but quite thin, I’d say normal thickness. I remember, something badly snapped there before, and the pano was taken maybe a few months later (I didn’t know anything about the eagle’s, styloids etc back then). Eventually that side with the gap started to grow really thick, up to the thickness of a pencil, and the gap wasn’t visible anymore in panoramic image from 2018 nor any further panos/CTs. I guess there was even a fracture or ligament getting calcified until it fused with the styloid in my case.

In your case… I could just speculate either
a) that is a fractured elongated styloid (or calcified ligament which got fractured) that tries to heal and connect the ends, but due to the constant movement it can’t, like a bone that is never immobilized. So that’s why there are bony masses on both ends (body’s attempt to repair the fracture), and a gap that simply cannot be closed due to the constantly moving structures and constant “r-efracture”

b) a ligament that started to calcify from the middle towards the styloid, and for the same reason - constant movement and displacement - cannot fully join and fuse with the styloid.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you anything what it means for you, as I am not a doc, but from my experience similar segments finally connected and that side turned into a really thick symptomatic stud…


Your styloids are very long & nasty looking @Bc2! I hope Dr. P gives you a good solid referral ASAP so you can get those things removed! I would highly recommend a consult w/ Dr. Hackman. I think he could be very helpful to you in the styloid removal arena, and Dr. Cognetti might be, too.


Thanks for letting me know about Dr. Hackman and Cognetti. I will check into them.