Styloid symptoms

Does anybody wake up in the morning SWALLOW a few times then symptoms come on like this swallowing lump feeling, facial numbess on the side of face, pain in throat, and under ear jaw and teeth.

Hi Rogermorris278,

Do you experience your morning symptoms after you sit up or do they come on while you’re still lying in bed? If it’s after you sit up, I know that positional changes can cause symptoms to flare up. Many people experience that. Don’t know if it’s gravity, blood flow, muscular activation required to hold the head up, or some combo of those & perhaps other things. It could also be that swallowing itself is activating muscles that are compromised by the styloid elongation &/or stylohyoid calcification & thus nerve irritation occurs.

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My symptoms were the opposite- I’d have the face & neck pain overnight, it would ease a bit when I got up, then worsen again through the day. As Isaiah says, positional changes make symptoms worse. I don’t know if Sewmomma will chip in, but if I remember right from her posts that the swallows first thing could set off symptoms?

Hello! I went from Jan ‘18 to summer ‘18 just thinking I needed to take my time more with eating. Swallowing was way messed up. I worried daily that I was going to choke. All better after both surgeries!!


The really weird thing about my symptoms is eating and drinking actually improve my throat feelings for a short period of time.

That is unusual! :+1:

Not weird - once mine really started to progress that summer, I developed a “click” when I swallowed. But it was only with saliva at first. Then the click started to happening when I drank liquids from a cup. At first it didn’t happen when I swallowed food as if the bite of food pushed things around enough to not click as it passed through the throat. It then got to where it happened with every swallow - saliva, liquid and food. I found my symptoms had “phases” and progression if that makes sense.

My symptoms worsened during the day and were almost always better in the morning. Not so much this flare-up. Its 24/7.


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Same here!

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Same here as well!

Hi everyone I think I’ve asked this before but do you know if our calcified styloids is the same calcification that you get in your heart arteries?

That’s an interesting question, July123. I imagine calcification is calcification no matter where it shows up in the body. It’s all calcium based & is extra calcium the body lays down to try to support an area the brain thinks is weak to try to make it stronger. Since calcification of heart arteries can be a side effect of high blood pressure that theory would hold as the calcium in those arteries would, in a sense, protect them from damage caused the excess blood pressure. Unfortunately, just as with elongation of the styloids or calcification of the stylohyoid ligaments, there are negative consequences (i.e. hardening of the arteries & higher risk of heart attack) that come along with it.

I was discussing this issue the other day and wondered if built up calcium could show up in arteries. I stopped taking calcium 4 years ago when I had an emergency appendectomy and calcium stones were found in my peritoneum cavity. Fortunately, my blood pressure is on the low side of normal.

It’s always something. Best to [try] to live in the moment. Prayer and meditation helps.

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