Successful Surgery in Portland, Oregon

Hi friends,
I am now 12 days past my transoral, bilateral styloidectomy performed in Portland, Oregon by Dr. Baber Khatib of Head & Neck Surgical Associates. Tonsils were NOT removed.

Pain is minimal and now controlled with 400 mg of ibuprofen every 6-8 hours and ice packs twice a day. Back to work yesterday. Days 3-5 were difficult. Inflammation began to really reduce around day 7, when I could start eating and drinking more.

As the swelling reduces, I can already tell what a world of difference this surgery has made! Migraines and nearly constant ‘tingling’ pressure on the base of my skull is gone; pressure under right ear/pressure on throat is reduced; increased range of motion when rotating head; and swallowing is so much easier! I wonder if this will make a difference on my vascular health, too. I honestly didn’t realize how bad it was until it was resolved…if that makes any sense whatsoever!

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions, or just need someone to talk to as you go through your journey!

And if anyone is looking for a surgeon in the Pacific Northwest, please look into Dr. Khatib! I live in Spokane and he was well worth the drive. He’s been specially trained by Dr. Eric Dierks, who is now semi-retired.


Wow, that’s great news! So glad that your surgery has gone well, & that you’re noticing improvements already! It’s a tricky one having both sides done at once, & can’t believe that you’re back to work already!
Thank you very much for sharing your experience & the name of your doctor, it’s good to know that if Dr Dierks is semi retired now that there’s a good doctor to take up the Eagles surgeries. I’ve updated the doctors list, thanks again!

Thanks, Jules!
I so appreciate your support along the way. Honestly, you inspired me to get this surgery.

Yes, it has been quite a journey working through the healing process. Overall, it has gone a lot smoother than I expected. How are you feeling these days?

And thank you for updating the doctor directory! It is nice to know that there is another option available, now that Dr. Dierks is less available. The surgeon I saw, Dr. Khatib, mentioned that he would like to work on more Eagle’s patients, so that is great news. And he is a prefer provider with most insurances, an extra bonus.

Thanks again and take care!


I’m good thanks, 5 years on! Glad that the site has helped, I’d never have found out about the doctor who did my surgery without it either :smiley:

Funny what we learn to tolerate and when its all gone, you really realize how bad it was. So glad you are doing so well. I cant believe you are back to work either! So nice to have some doc referrals from patients who had such positive experiences.

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Thanks for the words of encouragement, Snapple! It’s amazing what we learn to tolerate, indeed. The healing journey has definitely been a bumpy ride but, then again, what journey isn’t?

And yes, it is nice to have some positive experiences documented. Hopefully this helps others find hope as they consider undergoing surgery – I feel like so many times we hear more of the horror stories than the good. :slight_smile:

Hope all is well for you. Take care!

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So glad to hear all is well, Jules! This site has been such a wonderful resource to so many people. :slight_smile:
Take care!