Suggestions for helping with eye irritation

I am now at post op day 10 (yehhh can now wash my hair) but having a couple of bad days with GPN and temple/cheek/eye pain. Meds seem to help manage these a bit but really struggling with feeling of something in my eye which is really uncomfortable, like an eye lash or a scratch(which it isn’t). I had this mildly pre op but presume the op has stirred the ophthalmic nerve up a bit? Anyone recommend any eye drops to help, have been using viscose tears but not helping?

Hi Poppy123,

I’m sorry to hear this symptom has been exacerbated for you post op. Though I don’t have a specific recommendation for eye drops, it sounds like something w/ an analgesic in it might be most helpful, but you probably need to see a doctor for a prescription for something like that, & I know doctor appts don’t come readily in the UK. You could try going to a pharmacy & asking if there is anything like that available over the counter/without a prescription.

The good news is that over the next 1-2 months, you’ll likely notice this problem going away. Sometimes these things disappear over night, & sometimes gradually until one day you notice it’s gone. I hope this nerve heals quickly for you, & you’re able to find a solution to help you with the symptoms very soon.

I’ll pray for quick healing for you!


Thank you Isaiah_40_31!

I get dry gritty eyes, I use Xailin eye drops & Xailin night gel, you do need a prescription for them but they’re very good!

Thank you Jules, will talk to my GP…

You most probably have Blepharitis and need to see a an optometrist or whoever deals with eye probleme. You should not neglect to do this. In the meantime you should press a warm damp cloth over your eyes a few times a day. I don’t think it’s necessarily connected to Eagle’s Syndrome.

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