Surgery Date Set Dr. Bunnell

My surgery with Dr. Bunnell is July 14 in Jacksonville, FL at UF hospital. Has anyone else had surgery with Dr. Bunnell?

Here’s a link to when MelinG mentions surgery with him:
Doctors in Jax Fl - General - Living with Eagle
You can send her a private message by clicking on her avatar to see how she got on if she doesn’t see this discussion, if you’ve not been in touch already. I think you’ve seen her info about how she is post-op, but here’s the link to that discussion:
Post op day 4 - General - Living with Eagle
I can’t find any other mentions in the older discussions…
Not too long to wait, I’ll make a note of your surgery date & pray for you!

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My surgery was done by Dr. Rui Fernandes at UF North. I was/am very pleased with the results. I am so glad that I had the surgery and it is behind me.
As mentioned, MelinG had Dr. Bunnell … it sounds like she was also happy with the outcome and Dr. Bunnell.
Best of luck! Sending positive thoughts and prayers for you.


Thank you both for your replies! I will follow up with MelinG Thank you!! :kissing_heart:


I forgot to mention that I am glad you had a good experience with Dr. Fernandes and you feel better now. That is extremely encouraging for me as I know both Dr. worked together. :two_hearts: