Surgery is scheduled

Surgery is scheduled for oct 23rd! I’m so.nervous but just want it done! He said he has done a little over 20 some surgeries. But deal’s with head and neck cancers in the same area doing over 150 plus of those a year so he’s very familiar with the veins and nerves in those areas. He said one night hospital stay and it will be done through the neck. He said its an easier recovery. Also i have the trophy for the longest styloid he has ever removed!

So glad you’re on his surgery schedule! Congrats on holding the styloid length record for this doctor!! So much fun to have a little notariety!

Wow, that’s really quick, not too long to worry! There’s lots of info in the Newbies Guide about what to expect after surgery, some links to discussions, and seamom did a ‘surgery shopping list’ as well with ideas of what things are useful. The past searchable too so you can have a browse through and find out others’ stories, if you have time.
That’s great news, and congratulations on having his longest styloid!!