Surgery october 20th/Updates

Really good news!

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@Isaiah_40_31 No, my first surgeon was Dr. Liebehenschel

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Thank you for the info. :hugs:

Wow! Brilliant - so pleased to here it’s done & you feel so positive! Sorry I didn’t say Good Luck, only just seen your post above! all the very best for full recovery :slight_smile:


Its day 6

Still feeling better every day. A lot of tightness and numbness around the scar, which is expectable. Still not able to fully open my mouth and chew on hard food, but this is also getting better in small but daily steps.

Tomorrow the threads will be pulled and i will be able to fully shower and start to treat my scar and get massages so im really looking forward for tomorrow.


It’s so great that you’re feeling a bit better each day! A word of advice: Go easy w/ the massage & early work on the scar. The incision will be tender & giving it too much attention can irritate it & start up pain again. We’ve recommended waiting a month for scar work but you can start putting on scar healing cream or silicon healing patches as soon as the incision is healed.


Hey there!

Its day 13 Post surgery and i cant believe how good it all went this time. Neck around the scar is still a bit numb but nothing compared to last time. Very very little FBS but also nothing compared to last time. Started working again on day 8, Which was a bit too early so day 9 and 10 were very painfull but since then its getting better every day and im expecting being back to normal in about 2 weeks.

Compared to the 5 months and very painfull recovery on my right side this is really a miracle :slight_smile:

My goal was to be able to sing in church on christmas and im very very optimistic its gonna happen so yeah im a very happy man right now :slight_smile:


Great that your recovery has been so much better this time! My second surgery was easier but not as a significant difference as yours…I’ll pray you can sing at Church this Christmas :hugs: :pray:

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I’m so glad your second recovery has been easier than the first but am also glad that in spite of how slow the first recovery was, you did recover well eventually.

I remember you’re a singer so singing at church on Christmas will be a great way to celebrate having your voice back fully! I’ll also pray that happens. :notes: :musical_note:


4 weeks+ im almost fully back to normal

Been coaching my junior basketball team again after 3 weeks, not much problems here. Giving loud instructions was a bit hard and the next day i had very mild pain (i guess my talking nerves were still a bit upset) but nothing too bad. Yesterday i had training again and no problems at all.

I have mild pains and tensions here and there in different muscle parts of my throat and jaw and im sure that its time for massaging and stretching now.

All in all im very positive to say that im gonna be back to 100% around christmas :slight_smile:


That is FANTASTIC NEWS, @Benyon! I’m so glad this surgery gave you a faster recovery than your first one. I wonder if it was seeing a different doctor (slightly different surgical technique) or if this surgery was less difficult than your first one? I had one side that was more complicated than the other because of the way the nerves were arranged differently on the two sides.


So pleased for you, looks like you will be singing at Christmas! :grinning:

@Isaiah_40_31 All i know is that the first surgery took more than 3 hours and the second only about one hour.

The first one also was through a different approach, very close to my ear and way down to my throat while the second one was a very much smaller incision at a much lower spot.

This is what it looks like now

This is the other side (the picture is very old though

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I’d say the second surgeon works more efficiently, Benyon. I’m glad the second surgery was so much quicker. Your incision looks really great!

Did your first surgeon ever talk to you about why it took so long to do the surgery? Sometimes nerves are in the way & have to be moved & occasionally the styloid can grow into the jaw bone or have scar tissue or muscles attached that are hard to separate away from the bone so perhaps your right side had some complication that made its removal more difficult.