Surgery Pending - 11/09

Surgery (external) on the 9th with Dr. Rui Fernandes in Florida.

I’m nervous for sure - but also very hopeful that this will solve so many puzzling health issues.

Like so many of us on this forum, it has taken years to get to this point and while I don’t look forward to surgery, I desperately want to get this thing out of my throat! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you for all the support and information I have received from this amazing site.

Thoughts and prayers welcome! :pray:

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Hi suzb80,

I’m so glad your surgery is coming up soon. Please let us know how it goes. I will be praying for you & will put your surgical date on my calendar so I can pray especially that day.

Sending a gentle hug & hoping you feel calm & peaceful as your surgery date approaches.

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Thank you, sincerely.
“Calm and peaceful” is a reassuring pair of words that have already given me something to focus on.

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