Surgery October 15th

SO the big day is 6 days away. Having surgery at Good Sam here in Phx,Az. with Dr Gujrathi. Im super nervous anyone have any tips for me? would be greatly appreciated

congratulations on your surgery date!

I meditate a lot. Building up inner strenght… happy positive and beautiful thougths and dreams about how my life will be after surgery. Yoga music helps me relax and cope with the pain. I even listen to it at night with earplugs (spotify has great list)

And I have found a lot of comfort and strenght in listening to audiobook “the secret” by Rhonda Byrne. you can even listen to all of it through youtube.

Many thoughts
Eagle Rose

Good luck and God Bless; I hope it all goes well. Can't give any advice other than prayer, as I've only just been diagnosed.

Jules x

How are you doing? Praying you are doing well. We would like to hear from you Katpoo99.