Surgery success!

Surgery went well. Dr Aninno removed the styloid and said that it wasn’t the length that was causing issues but the location. He also trimmed the hyoid to resolve the jugular impingement and my BP is already dropping! Hard to say what other symptoms are impacted yet because of the general pain but Dr. Annino said he expected me to get relief so fingers crossed. Thanks again for all your support and feel free to ask any questions.


What GREAT NEWS, @ Rickstarbird!! I’m so glad you’re doing so well this soon after surgery! Good to know that Dr. Aninno will do hyoid modification if needed. Not all doctors on our lists do that. I’ll pray for you as you recover. There may be some ups & downs along the way, but be patient.

We’ll look forward to your updates & any questions you have during recovery. :hugs:

Thanks for the update, I’ve been thinking of you! Very glad that you’re through surgery okay, & that your BP is already improving :grinning: hope that you recover well, as @Isaiah_40_31 says be prepared for some set backs, recovery often doesn’t go smoothly! Take care & God Bless :pray:

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