Symptom Question - Lumps on Outside of Neck

Hi All,

This is a wonderful support group and I think you are doing a great service by providing information to people on this rare condition. I was recently diagnosed with Eagle’s Syndrome, although my ENT was a little uncertain and vague about my CT Scan results. I am in the process of getting a second opinion and some more information. I know that symptoms can vary quite a bit but I was wondering if anyone has had a pretty distinct symptom that I have. I have two hard lumps on the outside of my neck, just under each earlobe and behind the jaw line. You can’t see them but you can definitely feel them and they seem to be slowly getting bigger. They are painless but seem to generate a lot of pressure in my neck, throat, and face. I would like to know if anyone else had these and if they are a symptom of Eagles. Are they the styloids pushing out? Or, maybe the styloids pushing something else out? Or maybe they are a normal part of the anatomy that I jest never noticed before. My ENT seemed a little uncertain. Thanks again in advance. You all provide an invaluable service.


I have these too. Can feel them but can’t see them also, however mine do hurt to press on .
I have felt my kids and friends in this spot and normal
People don’t have them!

It sounds like you’re describing lymph nodes, best to get checked out by another ENT maybe one who specializes in head and neck cancers

Hi jeremym! I could feel both of my elongated styloids externally - my left one under my jaw & my right one in the exact spot you’re describing. Initially, only the left one was painful when I poked it, but as time went on, my right one became uncomfy when I applied pressure to it. My styloids were different in the angles they grew. Left side was curved in toward my throat more & right side grew more straight down which might explain why I felt them in different places.

You’re wise to get a second opinion. Several people from your “neck of the woods” have come to CA to have Dr. Samji do their surgery(ies). You might consider having a telephone consult w/ him. His office phone # is 4 0 8 - 2 2 7 - 6 3 0 0. There is a fee for this but your insurance may cover it.

Musicgeek & Mac came to CA from your area. You could send a private message to discuss their experiences.

It could be lymph nodes; there’ve been a couple of discussions about enlarged lymph nodes, you can search for them using the magnifying glass icon top righ of the page.

Here’s a link to one: Does this seem like I have eagles syndrome? Desperate for answers

Thanks much for the information everyone. This is very helpful.

Hi Jeremym,
Yes, I have very distinct lumps, though my left side is just starting…my right side is all there! My left side is not sensitive yet and if I remember correctly my right side wasn’t in the beginning (been so long it’s hard to remember). My right side is VERY tender to the touch and is also growing in size to the point it can now be seen. Sometimes I wonder if the tip of my right process is just going to come bursting out of my neck! I hope yours remain painless!