The end..... Babesia/styloid calcification and mood/ palate spasm/ Isaac syndrome

I haven’t been on the website in a while because I thought I was cured. I’m finally close to my problems I received treatment of my jaw after the surgery in February and now I have braces coming soon. I will be removing the last styloid soon the left one I wanted to recover promptly from all the trauma from mold and coinfections. It has caused a lot of nerve pain but nerves will heal. I’m working now and I’m heading to Mexico to receive ozone therapy and after going to go see samji to see if I can remove both styloids and revise one. Stay away from gluten and get your CMPS May god always be with you :pray:t5:

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I hope that your 2nd surgery goes well & that you do find healing for your jaw problems & nerve pain…let us know when you get your surgery date so we can pray for you.
God Bless

Hi Supersayianrulis!

Good to hear from you! I’m glad you have some solid diagnoses & have been able to work toward resolution of your health problems.

Regarding ES, you may not need a revision surgery on the first side you had done. Symptoms from the remaining styloid can cross over to the side that’s already been removed giving you a false message that the side already done is still causing symptoms. Many of our members have found this to be true. I would not press Dr. Samji too hard about a revision surgery as he is not very favorable about doing them especially so soon after the initial surgery was done.

It is my opinion that you should have the remaining styloid removed & give yourself about 8 months to heal from that surgery then reassess your symptoms. I expect you will find that most of your symptoms are gone or very reduced & a revision surgery is not needed.

I hope all goes well for you in Mexico & that the ozone therapy is tremendously helpful. Please do let us know how everything goes for you.

I will pray for you, too. :hugs:

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