The Waitng Game!

Hi to everyone on this site. I know some members have a diagnosis of eagle syndrome and some of us haven't, and I am one of those that does not have confirmation yet, But all of that is hopefully about to change for me this Wednesday the 21st of September, after a long wait for a return appointment in true good old UK Nhs tradition, I will have the results of my 3d cat scan. I am optimistic but never the less pessimistic on what result i will be given, because although my consultant felt on internal examination and palpation in the affected area that i appeared to have an excess bony structure, I sometimes dont feel as if I have such severe symptoms as some of you guys out there! My only thoughts on that is that i do not have any of my natural teeth I wear a full set of dentures and I seem to get the general feeling a lot of sufferers out there are misdiagnosed with dental type problems and I wonder if with me having no teeth make my symptoms slightly easier than some others? Would love to hear from anyone who has any theory on this. I just wanted to share my thoughts with people who understand what this is like not knowing what the hell that strange sensation in your throat is and the horrible symptoms that go with it. Any way role on Wednesday hopefully I will at last have an explanation to my ongoing condition!

Just wondering how your appt went? Hope all went in the direction that you were hoping for:) I do understand the strange sensation in the throat. I don’t know if it is the same as yours but the only way that I can describe it is as if there was an (you can laugh at this) egg shoved between the skin and the muscle on my right side of my throat. Is yours anything like that? Like the UK we in the good ole USA get to wait foreverrrrrrrrrr on ct scans or an mri. One time I had a full set of x-rays of my upper back and neck, by time I received a call back I completely forgot that I even had the x-rays done!!! hahaha!!! Anyway, hope all is well with you.