Those with knowledge of hyoid bone

Good morning,
Please have a quick peek at my hyoid bone on the left. It is more elongated than the right (and have felt that for a while prior to knowing about the styloid).
Would this be enough to cause concern and or need attention? (horizontal line across was just to show difference/ not measurement).

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I have no idea - I’m new to this - but am very interested as my hyoid causes a lot of pain if I touch it (pain in my ear and mouth). Wishing you all the best and that you get some answers!

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@Leah - It’s definitely a possibility that the longer side could be more symptomatic. I can’t tell from the image if it’s impacting vascular tissues, but the difference in length & angle between the left & right greater horns of your hyoid is remarkable.

Yes, I have felt it for a while again prior to finding a styloid. So certainly seems it means “something“… I’ve had tightness from under ear to there for many years.

I asked about it w ENT and Oral Surgeon and both said hyoid not in their scope… (and this was just a question about it…not if they did anything about it)…

There are ENT surgeons who do hyoid bone surgery. Dr. Cognetti is one for sure, but I can’t remember who else in the half of the US where you are does it.

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