Thoughts about type of surgeons for Eagles surgery

I am just wondering if anyone has thoughts about the specialty of the surgeon for removal of the styloid/ligament. I am in the search mode right now for the best choice for me, and am seeing that most of the physicians doing surgery are ENT, but also see some neurologists, some head and neck surgeons. I appreciate any thoughts on this. Have a great day today!

My surgery was done by Dr. Forrest in Ohio. He is a throat surgeon and works at a voice disorder clinic.

I had my surgery done by Dr. Forrest also. He is technically an ENT. He specializes in vocal chord disorders, but has done more than 50 Eagles surgeries. I believe he has a great understanding of what we all go through.

I had my surgery done by Dr. Samji in California. He's an ENT who specializes in vocal/throat cancers & vocal/throat disorders.

I've had 4 Eagles surgeries. Two by Dr. Samji mentioned above, 1 with an ENT at the Cleveland Clinic, and 1 with a local ENT who never had an Eagles patient before.