Unexpected positive effects after surgery?

I’ve heard that some people became calmer, got rid of shoulder pain, POTS… What other ear/throat unrelated improvements have you noticed after the surgery?
Anyone with allergies, digestion improved? Better kidney function (they are innervated by vagus nerve)? Improved vision? Improved lower back pain (mechanism would be because of changed gait/sitting biomechanics)?

I was told I looked so different, much more relaxed; it does help being in alot less pain!


@Jules ^^^this^^^

I noticed that on “remission” days I am too very calm, focused, and relaxed. On the “relapse” days, I am restless and nervous. Without any reason. Irritated. Like a child who didn’t have good sleep at night.


Almost all of my symptoms went away after my second styloid was removed. Neck, throat, face, ear, eye, clavicle, & shoulder pains - GONE! I had bp/heart issues when exercising that went mostly away. Choking when drinking/eating & pain at back of skull also went mostly away. I still have tinnitus, but it was a problem long before ES, so I didn’t expect recovery from that.

I didn’t get the compliment that Jules did about looking bette/more relaxed though. :rofl:


I’m still hoping & praying that your good days will soon become the norm for you, @vdm!


I can attest.