Up in Denver again - Surgery for second side on Monday 2/12/'24

Hi friends,

first of all I’d like to apologize for being quiet here in the last time. I tried to follow as good as possible and my thoughts had been at the one or the other of you although I wasn’t able to write. I’m sorry I had a lot of duties and preparations to do for the trip and other concentration tasks that were quite hard and aggravated symptoms and weren’t good for my mood overall.

But now as you already could guess from the title all tasks are completed and we are back in beautiful wintery Colorado again. Already had the pre op appt and all is set for the second side, revision surgery for jugular decompression with Dr. H. on Monday. Really hoping that everything runs smooth and successful. I’m confident I’m in best hands. Dr. H. is the only doctor I allow to operate on me a second time, even though it will be the 7th time in total that my neck has been cut because of these nasty styloids.
Surgery last time in 2022 was already pretty good for symptoms relief, unfortunately symptoms didn’t subside completely so that second surgery became necessary. Hopefully the operation will bring the desired success and provide further relief from symptoms. I’ll keep you updated…
If you like every prayer, positive thought or good vibe is welcome again.

Warmest regards from wintery Denver :green_heart:


So sorry that you’re needing another surgery, but of course will pray that it goes smoothly and is your last one you need! God bless :pray: :hugs:

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I’m looking forward to hearing about your amazingly positive outcome in a few months or sooner! I will also be praying for you tomorrow. :heart:


Quick update: I’ve made it through the surgery. All went very well. Also received a photo of my nicely inflated jugular vein. The incision is surprisingly small on the photo.
Feeling pretty good, exept my neck muscles on surgery side are feeling bit more like whiplashed than last time. We could also enjoy the obligatory post-operative burger reward at in-n-out already. :yum:
I’ll take a good rest now and keep cooling before I come up with more details.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, positive thoughts and support. :green_heart: :hugs:


Glad the surgery is done and praying for a smooth recovery :pray: :hugs: :hamburger:

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