Cbct viewer application

Hi! New here! I am confused about sharing scans and images. All i have currently is a CBCT, which is on a disk and opens up into the viewer application. No dicom files. Is there a way to extract images from this? Can someone here look at my scan and help? Point me in some direction? I have no clue what I’m looking at lol or if this viewer application can even be useful here??

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I am rubbish with tech so can’t help you specifically, not sure if this older tutorial is any help?
Making Your Own 3D Images from CT Scan- 3D Slicer Tutorial - Living with Eagle

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I do think it is rather difficult to extract the files from burned CD’s and i think that depends on how the radilogists burned the CD in first place probably has to do with personal security or something, however maybe you can open the files by trying to see the files on your file explorer program in your computer.

Depends also wich kind off operative system you have, but on windows you can sometimes right click on the CD wich will appear on your desktop menu or " your computer menu", when you right click there should be a menu that pops up and you can sometimes open and view the files.

That being said, another option is to take a screenshoot off what you may think is your Styloids. The way i would do that is to google “elongated styloids CT scan” and then scroll trough your images and then compare with what you found online, then you’ll have somewhat idea off what you’re looking at and then take a screenshoot, upload to this post and we will have a look😊

If that does not help, i would contact the radilogist to help you, he/she may be able to get them in a DICOM folder for you also.

Viewing your own scans has become a bit difficult these days, because off personal security reasons and it often depends on wich clinic, sometimes they offer a website where you can download the files and sometimes they’ll burn a CD or export them on a memorystick.

Good luck, and hope you’ll figure this out !