Upper Gum and Sinus Pain

Has anyone ever gotten upper gum pain or pain around teeth near back of upper jaw and into sinus? I have had this for 8 weeks, been to oral surgeon and dentist who have taken panorex and see nothing that would cause this locally. I have Eagles Syndrome and most of my issues have always been on right side, but this is on the left which also is elongated. Just wanted to ask before i pursue anything with ENT/Neurologist. My pain is more closer to teeth not upper gums, but i do get a fullness/pain in sinus also. I really have not had any congestion or drainage in sinus and have tried flonase/saline.

I had that as an ES symptom, mikeg, except my gum pain along my tooth line also affected the roof of my mouth. It would come for a couple of hours then go away & return in a few days. It usually showed up after I’d exercised but eventually became more of a random problem. It was predominantly on my right side but did occur on the left periodically. It stopped completely after my right styloid was removed. I also had ES bilaterally & had both styloids & stylohyoid ligaments removed over the course of a year. I am basically symptom free now.

Sinus issues are not uncommon w/ ES but can also be caused by other things.

The upper gum pain could be down to nerves- the Trigeminal nerve & Facial nerve are both affected by ES & have branches in those areas. It might be worth trying nerve pain medications if it continues?

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I do have this. More recently it has kicked up on my upper left molar side. This is the side I had ES surgery on back in April. Dentist says that the sinus sits low in this area and that if congested could swell and cause pain. I dont believe that that is what is happening.
I do have TMJ and what I believe to be trigeminal nerve issues. I also have had many root canals (super sensitive teeth) and some old very deep cavities that were filled many years ago that are starting to fail. Unfortunately, in the past, I was given partial crowns, and I have just barely saved a tooth that dentist found decay under the crown that could not be seen on a dental xray. I suspect that could be the problem with this one. I wont really know if that is the case until the dentist gets in there and does a full crown which I will have started next week.
My ES pain started on one side, then shifted to the other side over a period of 5 years. When I had a huge pain flair last Dec (right before my ES diagnosis), my eyes and sinus’s were running uncontrollably. I know this was caused by ES and all the inflammation of the nerves. Neurologist said it was my bodies response to the extreme pain. There are nerve meds like what Jules suggested. I found a doc to give me injections such as nerve blocks, steroids and botox.

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