Used 3D Slicer to get these images

Hi all - I used a free download of 3D Slicer with my CD of a CT Angio from three years ago (when I went to the ER) to produce 3D images. ER said of course nothing remarkable on the CTA. A picture is worth a thousand words. I am hoping when I share this with new ENT next week they may listen as I am afraid I am gettig worse by the day. ugh. Anyway…if you are interested just google 3D Slicer and you can download the free software. image

Hope your appointment goes well- you’ve prepared for it, so that’s good. Thinking of you…
(there’s also a link to a tutorial one member did about using free software in the Newbies Guide section if anyone needs help)


Thanks for constant support to all of our members Jules. xo

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WOW! That is an awesome picture! No doctor in his/her right mind would deny vascular compression by the styloid process! I also hope your appointment gives you hope & progression toward surgery & an end to your symptoms!

Wow that’s crazy. Im getting ready to gave n angio gram

Typos…oops . Getting ready for the test

I actually got the name of the ENT wrong that I am to see this Thursday. I am actually seeing Dr Anderson at Lahey Burlington (MA). Good news is…he went to Jefferson in Philadelphia which is where Dr Cognetti is. SO…I am cautiously optimistic. Been having some bad days feeling like I am going to pass out. ugh

Hope that your appt. goes well, thinking of you!

Thank you Jules…will keep you posted.

Please let us know what you find out from your angiogram, tambralee!

Thank you so much! I didn’t realize how many messages that I have missed…I apologize…im.still suffering. I find it interesting the longer all this takes for me that I Learn so much from others on this site…it truly is a blessing for people to have a comfort in this resource ton help them find the answers and peace that they need. THANK YOU FOR THAT!! I will keep you updated…:heart::heart::heart::heart:

I’m glad you’re back with us, tambralee. I’m sorry you’re suffering. ES is a cruel taskmaster! Will you still try to re-schedule surgery with Dr. Chettri or stay closer to home?

Thank you! I have decided to take my care to Los Angeles no matter how much I need to travel. I have had only the best and very active care there and couldn’t ask for better physicians. Once i complete all the test that the Dr wants then hopefully I will be cleared to move on with my surgery but they obviously take this very serious because of all my symptoms. I found it very interesting with what another person on this site was talking about when mentioned the vagus nerve. That nerve is very important and sends the signal to your brain about food along with the digestive track. It’s also can include something very serious called gastoperisis. There are a couple of ways to have that illness but not related to ES. I was also watching a video the other day and also found that a person that was exposed to 2nd hand smoke
replaced a heart valve because it had become calcified. It made me think about about my calification on my process and also the ligaments and i wonder if it’s caused from the 2nd hand smoke that I have been exposed to… interesting thought. …xo

That is interesting about the second hand smoke. I am very thankful that our country is more or less “smoke free” in public places now. If you live w/ someone who smokes that makes avoiding second hand smoke more difficult. If I had to guess, I’d say my ES was either caused by neck trauma or tonsillectomy (which is less suspect since I had my tonsils removed 54 years before I had ES symptoms).
The vagus nerve is an interesting critter. It affects both the heart & the stomach. Callove, a member on this forum, had terrible gastrointestinal symptoms from ES presumably from vagus nerve irritation. I haven’t heard if the symptoms have subsided after surgery but hope so!
Glad you are so happy with your doctor & hope you can have surgery soon!

Good luck with your angio Tambralee!

GoING mid april… let’s see what happens…

Are you going for surgery in mid-April or your angiogram?