My CT put through 3D Slicer

The tutorial on this site about how to do this was amazing. It is incredibly cool to see this in a 3D environment. Anyway - here are mine. Appointment with Dr. Cognetti in 9 days!

Yes, that looks impressive! Hope your appt. goes well; let us know how you get on…

HOORAY for the upcoming appointment. And I agree w/ Jules! Your styloids are impressive!!

Impressive!? I’ll take it - Thanks. Styloids like this plus classic symptoms…it has to be Eagles, right? – And I had a tonsillectomy in September 2017.

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Quick update - Appointment in Philly on 7/5 and procedure on 7/6 (if we decide to go ahead with it). #ready4cognetti

HOORAY!! Surgery should be very helpful! Glad you have an appointment & are moving forward.

That’s great! Not too long to wait! Lots of info in the Newbies Guide section about what to expect after surgery if you’ve not already looked at it, plus you can search the discussions about that topic, & there’s a surgery shopping list Seamom did with suggestions of things you might need: Surgery shopping list
Hope that time passes quickly for you!

I will start a new topic about my surgery