Very dry skin after neck surgery

This seems to be subsiding a little bit but did anyone ever have epicly dry skin on their neck near the area where they made the insicion on the neck. Mine is very dry on the entire front neck and under chin. It feels like sun burn and skin is kinda red.

I used a roll on Vitamin E oil that was very effective in the healing process. I’m 7 months out and I can’t even tell anything was even done!

So was it very Very dry?

It was. My daughter, 18, dubbed me "Alley" and "Croc" I coulda strangled her lol. But the Vitamin E really hydrated the skin and I also took the mineral supplement called MSM which is supposed to help lube the joints. CoQ10 is also claimed to be very effective in the hydration & lube process too. As well as hyaluronic acid. But hyaluronic acid can be a wee bit pricey. I'm not sure what region of the country you're in but I found the roll on Vit E at Giant Eagle. (Ha ha, Eagle!)

Even on the incision you applied it?

Yes, but only after I got the go-ahead from the surgeon though!