We have a new member with an important question!

Like many of you, Deschroma has had all kinds of problems, but recently she’s had an MRI. You can read about it on her profile if you click on this > @deschroma

Now that she has had the MRI, Deschroma asks “Who am I supposed to see following this MRI report?”

Anyone here who can welcome her and give her some advice as to best next steps?

Seenie from ModSupport

I have given her some info via PM but am interested in hearing opinions about MRIs as a diagnostic tool for ES since we advocate CT scans as the “gold standard” ES diagnostic tool.

Well then, let’s send welcomes and other good advice! :love_letter:


Thanks you all for the warm welcome!


You’re very welcome, deschroma! We are lucky to have such a vibrant community here, with so many people who know their stuff (and love to share it).

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Questions? Just ask. You’ll be amazed at what people around here know. :blush:


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Hi, & welcome to the site!
Yes, usually it’s quite hard to see the styloids on an MRI, so it’s unusual to be diagnosed that way!
I’m sure Isaiah has given you info about finding your way round the site- lots of info about ES in the Newbies Guide Section & we have a list of doctors familiar with ES in the Doctors Info Section.
So next steps: I’d suggest reading through info on here about treatment options, & if you’re interested in surgery I’d start with a look at the doctors list, & if you can, see someone near you. If there’s no-one near you, some doctors do phone consults too.
Best wishes!