Who Did you Choose?

I have a pre-op appointment with Dr. Garvis in MN on May 17, 2018. I have never met him, and as the date gets closer I’m so nervus. I need the pain gone,but is he good? How many has he done? Has anyone Had a procedure with him??
Thanks in advance,

As he’s on our doctors list, someone must’ve had surgery with him in the last few years, but it could’ve been a member who’s not on here now, I’m afraid.
Having surgery is quite a scary thought, but the best thing you can do is to read up as much as you can about it (there’s info in the Newbies Guide section, & you can search for past discussions using the magnifying glass icon). Then you’ll know what to expect, & have some questions ready for Dr Garvis- like is it external or intra-oral surgery, how much of the styloid process will he remove (removing as much as is safely possible is the best for getting rid of symptoms), will he smooth off the end of the remaining piece, is you stylo-hyoid ligament calcified & will that be removed, etc.
best wishes, Jules

You can also ask him how many surgeries he’s done to get a feel for his level of experience.

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