Whole styloid?

Hi all, It seems to me that many in this group who got relief from surgery, had the entire styloid removed. I’m thinking this is because the 9th, 10th and 11th cranial nerves hover at the top of the styloid and total removal leaves more room. I have a lot of nerve entrapment symptoms. But I’m concerned that the dr I’m headed to, might not remove the whole thing (Dr. Annino). Thoughts?


That’s something worth discussing with Dr Annino, he does external surgery so there is a better opportunity to remove most of the styloid. It’s worth noting that surgeons who remove to skull base sometimes leave some of the styloid, and if the nerves are being put under too much stress (usually nerves are monitored) the surgeon can’t remove the whole styloid. Dr Annino has helped quite a few members, if you search for his name in the past discussions, you’ll see who else has had surgery. Here’s one where the member has had a ling styloid removed:
Surgery experience with Dr. Annino in Boston - General - Living with Eagle
In this discussion member @Matheou saw Dr Annino & he was told that the styloid would be removed as close to skull base as possible.
Diagnosed after 2 years seeing Dr. Annino on Feb 27th, Possible IJV - General - Living with Eagle
Hope this helps!


Thanks so much!!!
I can’t seem to do searches on this forum from my phone. It’s super confusing to me for some reason.
I feel so much better about dr A after reading the discussion you sent me. :two_hearts:


My phone is older, outdated and I also cannot search or post to the sight from it as well.

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I mostly use my computer for reading & responding to posts because I can’t access everything I want to on my phone or at least I haven’t figured out how to. :smirk: