1 month post op external surgery with Dr. Slavin

Hello all, it's now been one month since I've had surgery with Dr. Slavin in Chicago. My symptoms seem to have improved greatly, especially my swallowing. I do still seem to have pain/nerve flair ups, but I'm hoping in time the nerves will heal and the muscles in my shoulder, neck and face will get stronger. Has anyone else ended up with some muscle atrophy from eagles....I have weakness in the left side of my face/neck and shoulder. I'm assuming over time, now that the source of irritation/impingement is gone, the nerves will heal and the muscles will get stronger. I would recommend Dr. Slavin. Here is a pic of the styloid he removed! My other side is actually longer and I may have it removed in the future. On that side I get no face pain, but I seem to get other symptoms down into my chest/side from it....anyone experience that? Also, I would really like to hear peoples experiences with recovery regarding time and the recession of symptoms.

Thanks for the update, Loopy, and I'm so glad you are doing well., These styloid process photos never cease to astonish me. They look like dragon's claws.

That is huge! Unreal. God bless you and your full recovery!

So glad to hear you are doing well and thanks for recommending another doctor for members on this site. Symptoms for my son went away completely in about 10 days. The only thing he still has (1 month post op) is numbness at the scar point in his neck. I also have his picture, so I will post it if I can figure out how.

I recently had a shortening of my right styloid internally. I definitely have facial, neck and shoulder weakness on my affected side. Dropped shoulder, dropped eyelid slightly, tongue deviation to right side. I haven't had any relief from these yet (only had surgery 2 weeks ago) but I also suspect that if nerve impingement has caused these symtoms in me, that it is likely that not enough of the process was taken out to relieve it in ym case. Am going to try some pretty intensive physio for a few months and see if that helps.

I think I was symptom free within 6 months. It is now 11 months and I feel so normal it is almost hard to remember how bad I felt before. It is wonderful. My doctor forgot to take pictures for me in the O.R. I believe mine were about 5 inches long they said. The only thing I do have now is that every morning I do need a nice warm shower on the back of my neck to keep it loosened up. I end up with a headache up the back of my neck if I don't take a nice warm shower within a couple hours of getting up in the morning.

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