3 Weeks Post Op Intraoral Surgery

It has been 3 weeks since my surgery and I have to say I am feeling good. At the end of my second week my stitches started to annoy me but I went and saw the dr last Thursday, he removed the stitches and that is when I started to feel really good! Today, the only pain I seem to have is a slight ear pain but I think in time it will pass. I no longer feel like I am being choked but because I did have that bone going through my throat for so long I got in the habit of some poor posture. I am able to resume my normal activities in 2 days. I think when I get back into my yoga that will help in aligning myself to my new found life! Also, for a long time I did not eat certain foods like meat and bread (those were the foods that stuck in my throat) I have to say there was anxiety with the first swallows but I got over it fast when I did not feel it hit the bone. I am so thankful for Dr Timothy Anderson and the great job he did on my surgery. I am feeling so Blessed! And thank you for this website and helping find special supportive friends and a dr who specializes in Eagle Syndrome. For all the suffers of this ‘don’t give up’ seek and you shall find!

Thanks for letting us know how you're getting on; great to hear that you're doing well!

So glad you're doing well!